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Heart Rose Infusion

Heart Rose Infusion

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*  ozone * green leaves * heart of rose * carnation ** lily

* 65 + Burn time

* Perfect for a medium and big room

Embark on a modern floral journey that unfolds like a sensual masterpiece. Awaken your senses with the tantalizing top notes of ozone and green leaves, a prelude to the blooming heart of rose, carnation, lily of the valley, and ylang ylang. As the fragrance deepens, a subtle dance of powder and a hint of peppercorn emerges in the base, elevating the simple beauty of this classic scent to an irresistible allure. Illuminate your space with the seductive ambiance of this modern floral experience, a poetic symphony of desire that captures the essence of a passionate Valentine's evening. Will have a mystery word on the Red heart. This is not exotic massage or roll play candle.

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