About Us

Hi, I'm Esmeralda Luna Longoria 
A few years back, I found myself in a life-altering car accident that left me still on the path to full recovery today. Yet, amidst the challenges, I discovered a profound appreciation for life's simple joys. Grateful for the second chance I've been granted, I woke up one day with a renewed sense of purpose, determined to make the most of every moment.
Contemplating where I wanted to steer my life's journey, I embarked on a quest for something meaningful, something that resonated with both my passions and aspirations for the future alongside my beloved wife. It was during this soul-searching journey that I stumbled upon the art of crafting homemade candles and more.
With a natural inclination for creating and a deep-seated love for the ambiance candles evoke, the decision to venture into crafting homemade candles felt like destiny calling. Thus, ATX Lit My Wicky Wacky Tip LLC was born, nestled in the heart of Texas, where craftsmanship meets creativity.
At  ATX Lit My Wicky Wacky Tip LLC, we pride ourselves on crafting candles that transcend the ordinary. Our candles, meticulously handcrafted from a luxurious coconut soy blend wax infused with premium fragrance oils, promise to elevate any space they grace.
Indulge your senses in our specially curated collection of scents, each meticulously chosen to transport you on a sensory journey. From cozy evenings curled up with a good book to intimate gatherings with loved ones, our candles set the perfect mood for every occasion.
Unwind, relax, and immerse yourself in the captivating aromas that our coconut soy wax candles exude. Whether it's a quiet night in or a celebratory toast with your favorite bottle of wine, let ATX Lit My Wicky Wacky Tip LLC be your companion in creating unforgettable moments filled with warmth and fragrance.
Experience the difference of artisanal craftsmanship with every burn. Welcome to a world where every flicker illuminates not just a space, but a moment to cherish forever. Welcome to ATX Lit My Wicky Wacky Tip LLC, where passion meets perfection in every candle we create.

Esmeralda Luna Longoria is the owner and founder.