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Lovers Lagoon

Lovers Lagoon

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* Coconut Water * Ocean Mist * Beach Rose * Warm Sand * Crushed Seashells

* 60 + Burn time

* Perfect for a medium and big room

Immerse yourself in the seductive allure of Coconut Water and Ocean Mist, a tantalizing union that sets the tone for a journey of sensuality. The sultry embrace of Vanilla Orchid and Beach Rose creates an exotic floral symphony, while Warm Sand and Crushed Seashells evoke the tactile warmth of a secluded beach. As the candle unfolds, the lingering notes of Tonka Bean, Driftwood, and Musk cast a spell of irresistible allure. Let the ambiance of this candle transport you to a world where desire meets the rhythmic whispers of the ocean, leaving an indelible mark of seduction in the air. This is not exotic massage or roll play candle.

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